Sprites - bionic hands

1. Gunstar Heroes
The easy winner, Sega's most beloved 16-bit game almost didn't see release in the . -- and what a tragedy that would have been. Created by Treasure, a group of hyper-talented programmers and designers who got fed up making sequels to NES games, Gunstar Heroes set the high-water mark for Genesis technology. Each and every stage featured an insane gimmick that by all rights should have been impossible on the system, from a punch-up on the wings of a wildly tilting airplane to the infamous Seven Force, a running stage-long boss fight against a bizarre conglomerate creature that constantly changed shapes to challenge you with new battles. In one level, there's even a board game to master. Endlessly inventive, technically dazzling, and sophisticated like no one's business, Gunstar Heroes remains the gold standard for 2D action games.

After awakening from his coma in 1984, Venom Snake assumed the identity of Big Boss. He was soon given command over the mercenary unit Diamond Dogs, which had been founded by Kazuhira Miller as a successor to MSF. While in charge, he rebuilt Mother Base and expanded Diamond Dogs. Venom Snake succeeded in defeating the XOF unit, who had destroyed MSF nine years earlier, and took vengeance on its leader, Skull Face .

Sprites - Bionic HandsSprites - Bionic HandsSprites - Bionic HandsSprites - Bionic Hands