Trotsky icepick - baby

On the first Trotsky Icepick release to feature new vocalist John Talley-Jones , the band adopted a simpler, harder-rocking sound than on Baby . New drummer Hunter Crowley was a more powerful and straightforward player than his predecessors, and the soft art rock touches retreated to the background of most songs. There are a few tracks here that show the potential of the new lineup -- "Cornfield" has effective harmonies by Talley-Jones and Vitus Mataré and an unusual melody line in which the bass and drums are the lead instruments. Another highlight is "Unbuttoned," a rare lyrical contribution from bassist John Rosewall , which is both really disturbing and very well-performed. Unfortunately, much of El Kabong is competent and lively but somehow unfocused. On the band's next album, The Ultraviolet Catastrophe , the sound was better integrated and the material more consistent. Completists will want this album for the good tracks, but it's not essential for anyone else.

Trotsky Icepick - BabyTrotsky Icepick - BabyTrotsky Icepick - BabyTrotsky Icepick - Baby